Top 10 Facts - Classical Music
Fact #1

Bach once had to spend a month in jail because he tried to quit his job composing and playing for a duke. During that month in jail, he wrote forty-six pieces of music, many of which are still performed today.

Fact #2

Mendelssohn left the score for his A Midsummer Night's Dream overture in a cab, and was able to rewrite every note from memory.

Fact #3

An early vesion of the trombone was called a sackbut.

Fact #4

Warner communications paid $28 million for the legal use of Happy Birthday.

Fact #5

Beethoven's fifth was the first symphony to include trombones.

Fact #6

Most toilets flush in E flat.

Fact #7

Johannes Brahms composed only four symphonies. He wrote all of his symphonies between 1876 and 1885. He was 43 when he composed his first symphony. At an equivalent age, Beethoven had composed either of his nine symphonies.

Fact #8

Franz Sussmeyer Mozart's student was the person who completed Mozart's Requiem.

Fact #9

American composer John Cage composed a work in 1952 entitled 4' 33", which consist of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence.

Fact #10

Italian composer Gioachino Rossini claimed he cried only tree times in his life: When his opera "Tanoredi" was booed an opening night, when he heard Nicolo Paganini play the violin and when a truffle-stuffed turckey fell out of boat while he was having a picnic.

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