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James Andrew Arthur (born 2 March 1988)is a British singer-songwriter. Arthur was born in Middlesbrough, to an English mother, Shirley Ashworth, and a Scottish father, Neil Arthur.

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Arthur has been writing and recording songs since he was 15 as an unsigned artist both solo and in many bands including: Moonlight Drive, Cue the Drama, Save Arcade, Emerald Skye.

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Arthur also uploaded many of his own songs to SoundCloud and YouTube, as well as an album entitled Sins by the Sea. In 2011, he

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Arthur won The X Factor on 9 December 2012, with 53.7% of the finalvote, against lahmene Douglas who received 38.9%.

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Following his victory, Arthur's winner's song, a cover of Shontelle's "lmpossible", was released as a charity single for Together for Short Lives. It became the fastest-selling The X Factor winner's single so far, reaching 255,000 downloads within 48 hours and over 490,000 by the end of the week.

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Arthur supports his local football team Middlesbrough F.C. as well as Rangers F.C.. After winning The X Factor, he was invited to

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