Top 10 Facts - Charli XCX
Fact #1

Charli XCX's real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison. She was born on 2nd August 1992 in Stevenage, England.

Fact #2

Charli XCX wrote the massive hit 'I Love It'. Swedish duo Icona Pop bagged themselves a Big top 40 number 1 with their summer 2013 hit, which was written by Charli.

Fact #3

Not only did she get to support Paramore at Wembley, Charli also supported Ellie Goulding with several dates across Europe as part of her Halcyon Days tour.

Fact #4

Charli worked on Iggy Azalea's huge summer 2014 hit, and even appeared in the 'Clueless' inspired music video!

Fact #5

The “XCX” in her name comes from the way she used to sign off her messages on MSN.

Fact #6

She admitted that she never gets her hair cut, and has only had it cut about three times in her life!

Fact #7

Her single, "You (Ha Ha Ha)", was listed in Spin magazine and in Consequence of Sound as one of the best songs of 2013.

Fact #8

She considers herself a feminist, and wrote her song "Body of My Own" as a "feminist statement."

Fact #9

XCX also directed a documentary about gender equality, titled The F Word And Me, which premiered on BBC 3.

Fact #10

Aitchison started writing songs when she was 14 years old.

Fact #11
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