Top 10 Facts - Slipknot
Fact #1

Slipknot made their own mask, fastening nad leather straps do other groups.

Fact #2

Joey cut piecas of leather with arms and legs in other to make it easier to play the drums.

Fact #3

In the peech in England, #0 (Sid) jumped on the stage and fell to the fans. He bruised young girl so that she had to be hospitalized.

Fact #4

In another speech, Sid, burning drum, Chris caught accidentally fell, and sparks burned his leg.

Fact #5

Shawn was a welder, and he cooked his drums.

Fact #6

Slipknot album sales totaled more than 40, 000 records in it's first week of release.

Fact #7

slipknot first artist/album, whitch went platinum in the history of Roadrunner Records.

Fact #8

Craig Site Admin slipknot1.com

Fact #9

The magazine "Rollong Stone" Chris named the most beautiful member.

Fact #10

Shawn the most important in the group. Since wild same therein.

Fact #11
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