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Julianne Moore (born Julie Anne Smith; December 3,1960) is an American-British actress, prolitic in cinema since the early 1990s. She is particularly known for her portrayals of emotionally troubled women, in both art house and Hollywood ?lms, and has received many accolades including the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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Moore moved to New York City after graduating, and worked as a waitress. After registering a stage name with Actors‘ Equity, she began her career in 1983 with off-Broadway theatre. Her first screen role came in 1984, in an episode of the soap opera The Edge of Night.

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In 1990, Moore began working with stage director Andre Gregory on a workshop theatre production of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya. Described by Moore as "one of the most fundamentally important acting experiences I ever had", the group spent four years exploring the text and giving intimate performances to friends.

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The same year, Moore made her cinematic debut in Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, playing a mummy's victim. Her next ?lm role did not come until 1992, but introduced her to a wide audience.

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The thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle—in which she played the main character's friend—was number one at the US box of?ce, and Moore caught the attention of several critics with her performance.

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The ?lmmaker Robert Altman saw Moore in Uncle Vanya, and was suf?ciently impressed to cast her in his next proiect: the ensemble drama Short Cuts (1993). Moore was pleased to work with him, as it was Altman who had given her an appreciation for cinema when she saw his 1977 ?lm 3 Women in college.

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The late 1990s and early 2000s saw Moore achieve signi?cant industry recognition. Her ?rst Academy Award nomination came for the critically acclaimed[li8] Boogie Nights (1997), which centers on a group of individuals working in the 1970s pornography industry.

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At 53 years old, Moore enjoyed a considerable degree of critical and commercial success in 2014. Her ?rst release of the year came alongside Liam Neeson in the action—thriller Non-Stop, set aboard an airplane. The response to the ?lm was mixed but it earned $223 million worldwide.

Fact #9

Moore is politically liberal and supported Barack Obama at the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. She is a pro-choice activist and sits on the board of advocates for Planned Parenthood. She is also a campaigner for gay rights and gun control, and since 2008 she has been an Artist Ambassador for Save the Children.

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Moore began a relationship with Bart Freundlich, her director on The Myth of Fingerprints, in 1996. The couple have a son, Caleb (born December 1997) and a daughter, Liv (born April 2002).

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