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Russell Ira Crowe (born 7 April 1964) is an actor, film producer and musician. Crowe was born in Wellington, New Zealand, the son of Jocelyn Yvonne and John Alexander Crowe.

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Crowe began his performing career as a musician in the early-19805, under guidance from his good friend Tom Sharplin, when he performed under the stage name "Russ Le Roq".

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After appearing in the TV series Neighbours and Living with the Law, Crowe was cast by Faith Martin in his first film, The Crossing (1990), a small-town love triangle directed by George Ogilvie.

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Crowe received three consecutive best actor Oscar nominations, for The Insider, Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind. Crowe won the best actor award for A Beautiful Mind at the 2002 BAFTA award ceremony, as well as the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for the same performance.

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After a year off acting, Crowe played Jackknife in The Man with the Iron Fists, opposite RZA. He took on the role of Inspector Javert in the musical film of Les Miserables (2012).

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During location filming of Cinderella Man, Crowe made a donation to a Jewish elementary school whose library had been damaged as a result of arson.

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Crowe began an on-again, off-again relationship with Australian singer Danielle Spencer in 1989, when they co-starred in the 1990 film The Crossing. Crowe and Spencer reconciled in 2001 and married on 7April 2003 (Crowe's 39th birthday) at Crowe's cattle property in Nana Glen, New South Wales.

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Crowe has a love and fascination of old maps, which he revealed to cartography fans when he helped launch the exhibition Mapping Our World: Terra lncognita to Australia in the National Library of Australia in early November 2013.

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Crowe stated in November 2007 that he would like to be baptised a Christian, and feels that he has put it off for too long. ''I do believe there are more important things than what is in the mind of a man," he says. "There is something much bigger that drives us all. I'm willing to take that leap of faith."

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Crowe publicly endorsed Barack Obama, whom he called "the light and the future", in the United States presidential election, 2012, and urged Americans to vote for him.

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