Top 10 Facts - Eminem
Fact #1

Eminem came up with the character "Slim Shocly" sitting

Fact #2

He admitted that he threatened pistol fans, without

Fact #3

Eminem kicked out of school. Moreover, his left three

Fact #4

Years later he gave D'Angelo million lawsuit against

Fact #5

He wrote the chorus for "Just Lose lt" in so seconds.

Fact #6

Even shipped millions of records debut album, he

Fact #7

Needless restless fans stole his belongings while he

Fact #8

Dr. Dre was finally convinced in the hit potential of

Fact #9

His mother almost cliecl in childbirth, which lasted 73 hours

Fact #10

During the fight against drugs, every week he spoke by

Fact #11

11. When Elton John and his partner entered into a civil

Fact #12

12. He does not know how to use a computer

Fact #13

13. US intelligence agencies have begun to follow the rapper

Fact #14

15. Rumor has it that for his role in "Mile", he received

Fact #15
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