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Fact #1

The name Stromae is itself a rearranging of “maestro” in verlan, the French slang

Fact #2

He started as a rapper by the name Opmaestro in 2000. At age 18, he founded a rap group called Suspicion, along with rapper J.E.D.I.

Fact #3

Stromae is no stranger to awards–the talented artist has been winning a plethora of them since 2009, several for MTV and NRJ, including the award for “Best Belgian Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards this past November 2013

Fact #4

Stromae creates his sound using his MacBook Pro, Reason software, midi keyboards and keeps it extra-original with a banjo, kazoo and viola

Fact #5

He is one of the ten winners of the European Border Breakers Award 2011.

Fact #6

On 25 August 2013, Stromae joined Major Lazer’s show at French festival Rock en Seine, where he performed Papaoutai.

Fact #7

On 17 March 2014, it was made public that Stromae’s song “Ta fête” would become the official song for the Belgian national football team at the 2014 World Cup.

Fact #8

Stromae collaborated with Kanye West to remix his hit “Alors on Danse”

Fact #9

Stromae is a big fan of the Notorious BIG. During an interview with ELLE Magazine, Stromae revealed that Biggie was one of his favorite artists.

Fact #10

President Barack Obama owns Stromae’s album. The Prime Minister of Belgium passed Stromae’s album to President Obama and it is assumed that such a gesture defines Stromae as one of the strongest voices and figures of Belgium.

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