Top 10 Facts - Charlie Hunnam
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His full name is Charles Matthew Hunnam. He was born on april 10th, 1980 in Newcastle, England, UK.

Fact #2

Started acting at the age of 17 after being discovered clowning around in a shoe shop.

Fact #3

The film Excalibur inspired him to become an actor.

Fact #4

In 2008, he landed the part of Jax Teller on "Sons of Anarchy, a role for which he has received several award nominations.

Fact #5

He was "The face" of Emporio Armani's ad campaign in 2005.

Fact #6

Charlie is a writer as well as an actor. He wrote a script about Vlad the Impaler , and the rights were swooped up buy Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B.

Fact #7

He was voted ninth in Elle Girl's list of the top 100 sexiesr men of 2005.

Fact #8

He met his current Girlfriend, Jewelry designer Morgana McNelis, in 2007, and he wears a ring she gave him that's engraved with the phrase "i love you endlessly".

Fact #9

He is of English 1/8th Irish and some Scottosh descent.

Fact #10

He auditioned for thel lead role in Throe. He was also supposed to star in "Fifty Shades of Grey" but dropped out because of scheduling issues.

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