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Fact #1

Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States. The band currently consists of husband and wife John (lead vocals, bass) and Korey Cooper (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), along with Jen Ledger (drums, vocals) and Seth Morrison (lead guitar).

Fact #2

In a week on the bus, Skillet goes through an average of 3 pounds of coffee beans and four 3202 bottles of flavored creamer.

Fact #3

When Skillet gets together for meals at home they call them, 'Ecclesiastes Days' where for one meal, they forget about any diets they might be practicing and adopt the phrase, 'Eat, Drink and Be Merry.

Fact #4

The guy who engineered Skillet's 'Alien Youth' record, Pete Matthews, is the one who found Evanescence. While Skillet recorded, the band would come in to do pre—production for their multi—platinum selling record.

Fact #5

Korey and Lori started together in a band called, 'Alkeme'. On their record, John made a guest guitarist appearance.

Fact #6

John received a full scholarship to the University of Memphis for trombone and marching band. He attended for 3 years then dropped out because Skillet signed to their first label.

Fact #7

John worked at McDonald’s for 3 years before starting Skillet.

Fact #8

John started a clothing line in 2001 called "Invinciblewear" that sold over the internet. It only lasted for about 2 years but we still see the clothes at concerts.

Fact #9

Skillet was nominated for a Grammy in 2004 for Gospel rock record of the year. We all attended the Grammy's and took a random photo with Billy gibbons of ZZ—top and Zach Braff.

Fact #10

Skillet got signed to their first label in ‘96 after only being together for one month. They began recording the first album two months later.

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