Top 10 Facts - Macaulay Culkin
Fact #1

The role of Kevin from Home Alone was written specially for Culkin.

Fact #2

Home Alone where Culkin stars earned a Guinness world record as the highest-grossing live- action comedy ever domestically.

Fact #3

Culkin has been perfoming in an avantgarde cover band "The pizza Underground" since the beginning of 2014.

Fact #4

Culkin wed Rachel Miner when they were both 17. After two years of marriage, however, the couple split.

Fact #5

Culkin was the first child actor to receive one million dollars for a single movie.

Fact #6

Culkin is godfather to two Michael Jackson's kids, Prince Michael and Paris Jackson.

Fact #7

In 2004, Culkin was arrested for marijuana possession in Oklahoma city.

Fact #8

Has been selected by People magazine as one of the "100 gratest movie stars of all time".

Fact #9

Culkin has been dating former all my children actress Jordan Lane price since November 2013.

Fact #10

In September 2012, he appeared in a video on youtube explaining how he turned his apartment in New York into a painting worckshop.

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