Top 10 Facts - A$AP Rocky
Fact #1

Rocky’s grandmother still lives in his old neighborhood and he usually visits her on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately for Mama Rocky, though, this year he said he won’t be in town.

Fact #2

In 2007 Rocky assembled the hip-hop collective A$AP mob, which led to his current stage moniker and stands for various acronyms, most notably, Always Strive And Prosper.

Fact #3

After garnering an immense buzz from his 2011 release, LiveLoveA$AP, the rapper inked a $3 Million dollar record deal with Sony/RCA records for him and his crew.

Fact #4

Rocky’s first attempt at rapping was at age 8 after the birth of his little sister, Asia.

Fact #5

Rocky is not only a rapper, he also directs music videos, most recently, Danny Brown’s “Blunt after Blunt.”

Fact #6

He's not hesitant to reveal his past drug dealings. "I sold drugs I’m not proud of when I was 15. As I got older, I was known for selling marijuana. I don’t recommend heroin, crack, meth, Xanax, OxyContin or opium. Did I ever try crack? Hell no! Crack is like something out of The Lord of the Rings. Once you fuck with the Ring, it sticks with you."

Fact #7

His debut album was released in 2013. The title is Long. Live. A$AP. It was also praised by the critics. In Billboard 200, the album debuted at number one.

Fact #8

The real name of Asap Rocky is Rakim Mayers. The name Rakim was taken from the name of the famous Hip Hop Legend, Rakim. ASAP Nast is another member of ASAP Mob. He is the cousin of Rakim Mayers.

Fact #9

His father was arrested in his connection of selling drugs when Asap Rocky was only twelve years old. In 2012, his father passed away.

Fact #10

Another terrible incident was when his brother got killed in Harlem. At that time, he was only 13 years old. The death of his brother encouraged Rocky to learn a lot about rapping.

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