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Fact #1

His full name is Keanu Charles Reeves and he was born on 2 September 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. His first name means "Cool Breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian.

Fact #2

Reeve's father earned his ged while imprisoned in Hawaii for selling heroin at hilo international airport.

Fact #3

In high school, Reeves was never into academics but took a keen interest in ice hockey (as team Goalie, he earned the nickname "The wall") and drama.

Fact #4

As a teenager in Toronto he worked as a manager at a pasta restaurant.

Fact #5

He starred in a couple of commercials and made-for-tv movies. One of his most famous ones was a commercial for Coca-cola.

Fact #6

In 1991, Reeves began playing bass guitar for the grunge band Dogstar. The band is no longer together, however, music has remained a huge part of his life.

Fact #7

Reeves was also a correspondent for the canadian broadcasting corporation youth program "Going Great".

Fact #8

When making "The Devil's advocate", Reeves agreed to take a big pay cut of a few million dollars so the producers could also afford to bring on Al Pacino.

Fact #9

His first serious role was in a supporting role in the Rob Lowe Hockey Flick Youngblood (1968), which was filmed in Canada.

Fact #10

His most famous role to date happende in 1999 - "The Matrix". The 1999 science faction - action film was an international success that gave birth to two sequels and established Reeves as an A-list actor and action star.

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