Top 10 Facts - Daniel Radcliffe
Fact #1

Daniel Radcliffe was born on July 23, 1989 in the London suburb of Fulham.

Fact #2

Daniel made his acting debut as young David in a 1999 TV Movie, "David Copperfield"

Fact #3

He loves to write, listen to music, read, play on his playstation and study bass guitar.

Fact #4

Rupert was removed from the set during harry and hermione's kissing scene because he was laughing too much.

Fact #5

He was nicknamed "Harry Puffer" by his "Harry Potter" co-starts for having the so-called "20-a-day cigarette habit".

Fact #6

Growing up, he said he always wanted to be a professional cricket player for England.

Fact #7

He is the published author of several poems, keeping his anonymity by using the pen-name of Jacob Gershon - a combination of his middle name the jewish version of his mother's name, Gresham.

Fact #8

He voiced a character in an episode of the animated television series the simpsons in the late 2010.

Fact #9

Daniel Radcliffe is a love of music, particularly punk music.Some of his favorite bands include the clash, The pixies, The sex pistols and the killers.

Fact #10

He is the youngest person other than royalty to have a portrait of him hanging in the national portrait gallery.

Fact #11
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