Top 10 Facts - Ashton Kutcher
Fact #1

Actor Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Fact #2

Kutcher has a fraternal twin brother, Michaelm who was born with a septal heart defect and has cerebral palsy.

Fact #3

During his senior year of high school Kutcher was arrested for breaking into his school trying to steal money and was charged with - degree burglary.

Fact #4

As a child, he was so worried by his brother's medical contition that he considered committing suicide to give hime a vital heart transplant.

Fact #5

At college he was a member of the delta chi fraternity, the same as Kevin Costner.

Fact #6

A talent scout discovered him in college, which led to dropping out and pursue modeling, most notably for Calvin Klein.

Fact #7

After moving to Los Angeles in 1998, Ashton landed his first television role on the hit series "That 70's show", opposite Mila Kunis.

Fact #8

Kutcher was Kunis first real-life kiss. Kunis once told people mag, "He's so cute, it's the Calvin Klein model".

Fact #9

He owns a restaurant in Los Angeles, California called Dolce.

Fact #10

In 2009, Ashton challenged news giant CNN in a race to get twitter followers. He won and also became the first user ever to reach the milestone.

Fact #11
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