Top 10 Facts - 30 Seconds To Mars
Fact #1

At a concert in Texas crowd of fans nearly tore the team apart frontman Jared Leto , who escaped with a broken nose and bruises.

Fact #2

30 STM hit the Guinness Book of Records by staging the largest number of concerts in support of an album [300 concerts of the tour "lnto The Wild" to the glory of the disc "This ls War"]. The result was not surpassed until now

Fact #3

One clay, the group ceased to be available at almost all the Internet resources. The rally was held in memory of the missing [or enslaved] people.

Fact #4

Video 30 STM always notable for their cinematic and were not iust beautiful visual addition. The director of the best-known movies, such as "From Yesterday", "The Kill", "Closer to the Edge", was made of course, Jared Leto.

Fact #5

Video shoot for the song "From Yesterday" from the album "A Beautiful Lie" has cost 13 million. dollars. a million. Of this total was spent on permission to film in the Forbidden City - the residence of Chinese emperors.

Fact #6

In zoos after a dispute with the label Virgins Group made several trips to the desert, to "support the creative spirit and spur the imagination."

Fact #7

Jared Leto was presented ear. The body arrived in the mail and was accompanied by a note read: "Are you listening?".

Fact #8

At the end of 2011, GQ magazine announced Jared Leto "The most tasteless dressed man of the year". Donated to the musician and that he "wears skirts as often as pants". and his pigtail, and nipples show through mesh shirt.

Fact #9

March 2, 2014 Jared Leto received a statue?e "Oscar" for his role in the movie "Dallas Buyers Club".

Fact #10

A modern myth Song written / tragic victim devoted fan of the group when they were in close relationship with the trains.

Fact #11
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