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Scissor Sisters is an American pop group formed in 2001. Forged in the "scuzzy, gay nightlife scene of New York," the band took its name from the female same-sex sexual activity tribadism. Its members include lake Shears and Ana Matronic as vocalists, Babydaddy as multi-instrumentalist, Del Marquis as lead guitar/bassist, and Randy Real as drummer.

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The band came to prominence following the release of their Grammy-nominated and chart-topping disco version of "Comfortably Numb" and subsequent debut album Scissor Sisters (2004).

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The album was a success, particularly in the UK where it reached number one, was the best-selling album of 2004, was later

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All five of its singles reached positions within the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart while "Filthy/Gorgeous" scored the band their first number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs, despite the album's meager success in their native US.

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The album continued its success in countries around Europe, in Australia and in Canada before the release of the band's second

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Their third studio album Night Work (2010) displayed a shift towards a more club-oriented sound, charting at number two on the UK Albums Chart, number one on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart and in the top 10 of several international territories.

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Scissor Sisters have performed around the world and have become well-recognized for their controversial and transgressive live performances. They have also collaborated with a number of other well-known pop musicians, including Elton lohn and Kylie Minogue.

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In 2004, Bono, lead vocalist of rock band U2, described Scissor Sisters as "the best pop group in the world". They have also collaborated with Global Cool in 2007 on one of their green lifestyle campaigns.

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In the US, the band have received heavy attention by VH1 and magazines such as Out and Entertainment Weekly. They have also

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"Filthy/Gorgeous" is used in trailers for the film Filth (2013). Also, lake Shears was invited to sing a duet on pop diva Cher's 2013 album Closer to the Truth. The name of the track is "Take It Like a Man".

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