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Francisco Muniz IV (born December 5, 1985) is an American actor, musician, writer, producer, and racing driver.

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He was named as one of "The Hollywood's Most Bankable Teens", in the year 2003.

Fact #3

He was awarded the Hollywood Reporter "Young Star Award" for his perfomance in the series "Malcolm in the Middle", in 2001. The same title role the series earned him an Emmy Award nomination adn two Golden Globe Award nominations.

Fact #4

Also pursuing a racing driver career, in 2005, he finished third after Ingo Rademacher and Aaron Peirsol, becoming the best-finishing celebrity in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach.

Fact #5

In the year 2012, he joined the Kingsfoil band in York, Pennsylvania as a professional drummer, he dream job, if not for the acting career. However, he left the band two years alter due to scheduling problems.

Fact #6

At one point in his life, he owned a total of 36 cars including the $250,000 Porsche Speedster featured on Punk'd and the VW Jetta from the 2001 movie "The Fast and Furious", due to his obsession with cars.

Fact #7

He had a breakthrough with the 2002 release "Big Fat Liar", in which he portrayed the character of Jason Shepherd, alongside Amanda Bynes adb Paul Giamatti.

Fact #8

His nex major role was as Agent Cody Banks in the movie of "Agent Cody Banks", as well as its sequel "Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London". He was paid $5 million for reprising his role as Agent Cody Banks in the sequel, which is around $3 million more than the original.

Fact #9

Muniz, as the first and only step in his writing career, wrote the screenplay of the TV show "Granted", in 2004. He was also the executive producer of the TV show.

Fact #10

He began dating Elycia Marie, owner of clothing line Arcadia Vintage.

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