Top 10 Facts - Skrillex
Fact #1

Been born on January 15th, 1988, Sonny Moore was often called as ‘Skrillex’, ‘Skril, and ‘Skrilly’ by his friends early in his teens. When he turned into a DJ, he adopted his nickname as his musical identity!

Fact #2

He was adopted in 2004

Fact #3

While he was only 12, he was enrolled in a private academy school at Los Angeles to specialize in arts.

Fact #4

Dated Singer Ellie Goulding! In 2012, it was Rolling stone who reported that the two were dating, but the relationship failed due to the work distances.

Fact #5

Worked as a lead vocalist for Emo Rockers! Trying to establish himself as a music icon, he contacted Matt Goof of the band Emo rockers and offered his guitar playing to them at the age of 16!

Fact #6

One of the amazing facts about Skrillex is his determination of doing things in DIY fashion for which he sold his demos at shows, including his unique drawings made by himself only.

Fact #7

Up till now, Skrillex biggest hit is considered to be ‘Scary Monsters and Nice sprites’, which had over 60 million views on YouTube, and it really is an achievement!

Fact #8

One of his upcoming albums disappeared when his laptop got stolen out of his hotel room last year and sharing it with his fans.

Fact #9

According to the Facebook’s Most Played songs results in 2011, two of his tracks were there in the top 10!

Fact #10

Skrillex is one of the most followed DJs on Facebook with 11,838,613 followers on this social media only!

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