Top 10 Facts - Rihanna
Fact #1

Rihanna terribly afraid of ghosts

Fact #2

Valentine's Day boyfriend of Rihanno, Chris Brown gave his girlfriend a bouquet made of marijuana.

Fact #3

Jay-Z signed Rihanna on the first day of their acquaintance

Fact #4

Rihanna concerts before "takes on his chest." To maximize relax a little girl drinks liquor, tequila or vodka.

Fact #5

After concerts Rihanna goes to his dressing room completely naked.

Fact #6

February zoos in Barbados noted "Rihanna Day

Fact #7

Umbrella was cl favorite song of their own until the release of Rihanna Diamonds.

Fact #8

Rihanna enioys his perfume Nude

Fact #9

Favorite song Rihanna - duet Alicia Keys and Jay-Z Empire State of Mind

Fact #10

Legs Rihanna insured for $ 1 million

Fact #11
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