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The Veronicas are an Australian rock duo from Brisbane, Australia. They were formed in 2005 by identical twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso.

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In 2005 the Veronicas released their debut studio album, titled The Secret Life of... which peaked at No. 2 on the Australian charts and gained an Australian ARIA certification of lix platinum for 280,000+ sales.

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In 2007, the duo released their second studio album, Hook Me Up, which also peaked at No. 2 on the Australian charts and earned an Australian ARIA certification of 2x platinum for 140,000+ sales. The album garnered four Australian top ten singles.

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The album's title track, "Hook Me Up", was the Veronicas' first No.1 single in Australia, while "Untouched" was an international top ten hit. Following a lengthy hiatus (broken only by the luly 2012 release of the Top 40 single, "Lolita" and by various gigs for their fans), the Veronicas released "You Ruin Me", the first single from their self-titled third album in September 2014.

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The song released at number 10 on the ARIA Charts, becoming the girlsā€˜ second chart topping single and their first to debut in the

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On 25 August 2007, the Veronicas launched their self-titled fashion line at Target Miranda store and is available in stores around Australia. According to the girls the fashion line was created to reflect their style which had been sought after by their younger fans and what they would like to see younger girls wear.

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The Veronicas range of endorsements have included Australian hair products Nu:U and were also chosen to be the faces of the

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