Top 10 Facts - Piano
Fact #1

The first piano constructed was made in 1698 by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy. That might sound old, but other instruments such as the flute have been around for thousands of years – the piano is only 316 years old!

Fact #2

The name ‘piano’ is actually a nickname for the full Italian name of the instrument, which is ‘pianoforte’.

Fact #3

There are 7500 working parts in the body of each piano. That’s an enormous number of little pieces that need to be working perfectly to get the sound that you need!

Fact #4

The piano is known as the “King of the Instruments” because its range goes from the lowest note that you can play on a double-bassoon to the highest note that you can play on a piccolo.

Fact #5

The best piano brand in the world is considered to be the Steinway piano. The Steinway family has been making pianos since 1853 and a Steinway Grand Piano can cost well over $100, 000.

Fact #6

One of Cristofori's original pianos is still in existence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Fact #7

During 1869 the U.S. produced 25,000 pianos together valued at $7,000,000; during 1910 production was 350,000 pianos valued at $100,000,000 !

Fact #8

The worlds largest piano is a Challen Concert Grand. This piano is 11 feet long, has a total string tension of over 30 tons and weighs more than a ton!

Fact #9

Christie's Auction House recently sold a Victorian Steinway grand piano for $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS! The piano was sold to the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute of Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Fact #10

Jonas Chickering was the first exporter of American made pianos. First shipment to India 1844.

Fact #11
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