Top 10 Facts - George Clooney
Fact #1

In his youth Clooney worked in Tobacco fields and took up smoking into his late 20s. He finally quit after one of his uncles died from lung cancer and has expressed his regred over it in many interviews.

Fact #2

He was the very first guest on Rosie O'Donell's talk show in 1996.

Fact #3

He tried out for a position on the cincinnati reds baseball team in 1997, but did not pass the first round of cuts.

Fact #4

Clooney is the sixth actor to play the caped crusader when he starred in 1997's "Batman and Robin".

Fact #5

His mother Nina Bruce was a former beauty pageant queen and his father Nick Clooney was an AMC host. Of course Clooney comes from good looks and classic movie knowledge.

Fact #6

Clooney owned two bulldogs, Bud and Lou, named after the famous comedy team abbott and Costello. Both dogs have died, one from a rattlesnake bite.

Fact #7

Clooney's first film role was in 1982's "And they're off", which also starred hos cousins Miguel and Rafael. Miguel Ferrer made a guest appearance on the pilot of "Er", the show that brought Clooney fame. His aunt Rosemary also made cameos on the first season of "Er".

Fact #8

While he was a struggling actor in L.A., Clooney rode a bicycle to get to auditions and also lived in a friend's closet.

Fact #9

He was the second man after Richard Gere to make an appearance on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Fact #10

In September 2006 he addressed the united nations security council, urging it to act over Darfur.

Fact #11
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