Top 10 Facts - Jesse Eisenberg
Fact #1

His mom performed as a professional clown at children’s birthday parties for 20 years.

Fact #2

He doesn't have a Facebook page. We tried to find one, but all that Facebook could return was an unofficial page with an excerpt from Wikipedia. The actor is said to keep a low profile, according to Biography.com.

Fact #3

Jesse has been playing drums since he was 8-years-old.

Fact #4

Jesse’s little sister Hallie Eisenberg was the adorable face of Pepsi in the ’90s.

Fact #5

Before he was part of Hollywood’s A-list, Jesse took on the part of “Naked Boy” in a Dr. Pepper commercial.

Fact #6

Eisenberg had a small (uncredited) role in the first episode of The Newsroom, the HBO series about a fictional cable news network. He was the voice of Eric Neal, an inspector with the Minerals Management Service.

Fact #7

He absolutely hates watching himself act in movies.

Fact #8

While shooting The Social Network, Jesse set up a fake Facebook account for Andrew Garfield.

Fact #9

Jesse suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but it has never affected his acting.

Fact #10

Before he was famous, Eisenberg started writing screenplays at 16, including one about how Woody Allen came to change his name.

Fact #11
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