Top 10 Facts - Benedict Cumberbatch
Fact #1

He has a condition called heterochromia which means his eyes are different colours. His irises are a mixture of blue, green and gold.

Fact #2

He voiced Alan Rickamn (as professor Snape) in an Episode of the Simpsons in 2013.

Fact #3

He was once held at gun point and kidnapped in South Africa. After beign tied up, Thrown in a car boot and Driven to the Middle of Nowhere, he as released with no explanation for what had happened.

Fact #4

He filmed his Star Trek: Into the darkness audition in a friend's kitchen in an iphone.

Fact #5

Benedict was once cyber-stalked by a fan who 'live tweeted' his actions as he was doing them at home.

Fact #6

He ate 4,000 calories per day to prepare for his part in star trek: into the darkness.

Fact #7

He laso done voiceover work for Jagua , Soy and Google+ adverts.

Fact #8

Benedict dyed his hair for his role in sherlock and star trek, but his hair is acually naturally auburn.

Fact #9

He learned how to play violin in a week.

Fact #10

In 2013 his name was mentioned on twitter almost a million times.

Fact #11
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