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Armando Christian Perez, (born January 15, 1981) better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper. Pitbull was born to Cuban expatriates in Miami, Florida. When he was 3, he could recite the works of Cuba's national hero and poet, lose Marti.

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He said he chose his stage name because pitbulls "bite to lock. The dog is too stupid to lose. And they're outlawed in Dade County. They're basically everything that I am. It's been a constant ?ght".

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In 2001, Pitbull was signed to Luther Campbell's Luke Records bylullian Boothe, then the label's vice-president of A&R. In 2001, Pitbull was introduced to Robert Fernandez of Famous Artist Music & Management, an independent label and management company specializing in developing artists, by the Diaz Brothers, a

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In 2004, Pitbull released his debut album M.l.A.M.l., with the lead single being "Culo" produced by Lil lon and the Diaz Brothers. It

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In 2005 Pitbull and rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs co-founded Bad Boy Latino, a subsidiary of Combsā€˜ Bad Boy Records label. It primarily focuses on Latin hip hop, Latin soul, Latin pop and other Tropical music, and has offices in New York and Miami, Florida.

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He dedicated the album to his father, who died in May, 2006. Along with the usual party-oriented tracks, Pitbull also included politically themed tracks in El Mariel. The album was released on October 31, Z006, and included singles "Boiangles", "Ay Chico",

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In April 2011 lennifer Lopez released Love?, which featured Pitbull on two singles. "Fresh Out the Oven" did not meet with critical or popular success but the second cut, "On the Floor" was a certified hit. The single went on to make its Billboard Hot 100 debut at number nine, becoming the highest debuting Hot 100 single of Lopez's career.

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On March 22,2011, Pitbull released his second single, "Give Me Everything"; three months later, the song became Pitbull's 1st single to top the Billboard Hot 100. It was ranked no. 5 on the 2011 Billboard Year-End Chart.

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In August 2011, Lindsay Lohan sued Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afroiack in response to the song's lyrics referencing her name, "l've got it

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Pitbull was the featured speaker at the official opening of the new charter middle and high school Sports Leadership and

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