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Gordon-Levitt was born in Los Angeles, California. Was raised in its Sherman Oaks neighborhood. He is jewish. His parents were among the founders of the progressive jewish alliance.

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He also founded the online production company Hitrecord in 2004.

Fact #3

Has hosted his own TV series, Hitrecord on TV, since January 2014.

Fact #4

In 2013, Gordon-Levitt made his feature film directing and screenwriting debut with Don Jon, a comedy film in which he also stars.

Fact #5

Will star as Edward Snowden in the Oliver Stone film Snowden, set for release in 2016.

Fact #6

In 1996, he began playing Tommy Solomon on the sitcom 3RD rock from the sun. The series ran for six seasons.

Fact #7

Gordon-Levitt's first film as director, the 24 minute-long sparks, an adaptation of a short story by Elmore Leonard starring Carla Gugino and Eric Stoltz, was selected for the 2009 sundance film festival as part of a new program for short films.

Fact #8

In 2011, Gordon-Levitt began filming Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight Rises, in which he played John Blake, a police officer who emerges as a key ally of Batman.

Fact #9

In 2015, Gordon-Levitt will also star as Philippe Petit in the biographical drama the walk, directed by academy award-winning director Robert Zemeckis.

Fact #10

In December 2014, Gordon-Levitt married Tasha McCauley. The welcomed a son in august 2015.

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