Top 10 Facts - Zach Galifianakis
Fact #1

After failing his last college course, Galifianakis made the big move to New York City.

Fact #2

Galifianakis is the nephew of a former U.S. Congressman.

Fact #3

The first R-rated movie Galifianakis saw was 1984's "Hot Dog... The Movie." He lied and told his mother he was seeing "Yentl."

Fact #4

Galifianakis' real first name is Zacharius. Zacharius Galifianakis... try saying that three times fast.

Fact #5

He began acting on television, guest-starring in Boston Common and joined Saturday Night Live as a writer but lasted only two weeks.

Fact #6

In 2002, he hosted his own VH1 talk show called Late World with Zach, it featured many of his friends and regular performers from the LA comedy and music venue Largo where he appeared frequently during this time period.

Fact #7

Galifianakis owns a farm in northeastern Alleghany County, North Carolina, and splits his time between the farm and his work.

Fact #8

Galifianakis befriended an octogenarian homeless woman who was living in a Santa Monica laundromat for 18 years. Galifianakis got her an apartment across the street from the laundromat.

Fact #9

In August 2012, Galifianakis married Quinn Lundberg, co-founder of the Growing Voices charity, at the UBC Farm in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Fact #10

Galifianakis was acting onscreen for over 13 years before rising to fame with “The Hangover.”

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