Top 10 Facts - 50 Cent
Fact #1

Before to become so Cent, he was called by Boo - Boo

Fact #2

In 1994 he was condemned for storage by 110 grammes of heroin.

Fact #3

When 50 Cent was 8, his mother was killed

Fact #4

He began to trade in drugs after 4 post mortem mother

Fact #5

Virginity 50 lost in 12

Fact #6

Since in him shot, he had begun to carry a body armour And carries until now.

Fact #7

He engaged in boxing and wanted to become cl boxer

Fact #8

50 never saw the father

Fact #9

Real name of "50 cent" is Curtis James Jackson Ill

Fact #10

Birth of son compelled him to give up trading in drugs

Fact #11
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