Top 10 Facts - Sid Vicious
Fact #1

Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten gave him the nickname Sid Vicious after his hamster Sid bit the-then-John-Ritchie. Ritchie proclaimed, “Sid is really vicious!” and a famous stage name was born.

Fact #2

Sex Pistols Manager Malcolm McLaren stated on one documentary that if he had met Vicious before hiring Johnny Rotton, he would have chosen Vicious to be the front man of the Pistols instead, stating that Vicious had “the most charisma of anyone in the band.”

Fact #3

Vicious is credited with inventing the Pogo move where you bounce up and down with the music.

Fact #4

Before joining the Sex Pistols, Vicious was previously the drummer for punk bands Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Flowers of Romance.

Fact #5

Vicious did time in an England remand centre (prison) after intending to throw a glass at a member of the band The Damned, but instead blinded a young girl when the glass shattered. After the incident the 100 club, where it occurred, went on to ban all punk acts at the club.

Fact #6

In 2006, the Sex Pistols were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame with the inclusion of Sid Vicious. In typical punk rock fashion, the band rejected the honor with guitarist Steve Jones saying quote: “Once you want to be put into a museum, rock and roll is over.”

Fact #7

When Vicious started playing bass with the Sex Pistols, he didn’t really know how to play the instrument. For this reason, former Pistols bassist Glen Matlock and guitarist Steve Jones played bass on most of the tracks on the album.

Fact #8

John Lydon reveals that Mick Jagger paid for Sid Vicious’s lawyers during Nancy murder case

Fact #9

Punk rocker Sid Vicious became famous as bassist for the Sex Pistols before his entanglement with drugs and Nancy Spungen ended his career and life.

Fact #10

His sudden death only fueled his legacy as a punk rock icon. His twisted love affair with Spungen was the inspiration for the 1986 film Sid and Nancy, starring actor Gary Oldman as Vicious.

Fact #11
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