Top 10 Facts - Leonard Cohen
Fact #1

After college, he considered becoming a lawyer.

Fact #2

He named his daughter Lorca for Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Fact #3

He regrets having revealed that “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” concerned his sexual encounter with Janis Joplin.

Fact #4

Cohen’s first band, the Buckskin Boys, was formed when he was 17.

Fact #5

Cohen started his songwriting career when he already was over 30 and an established poet and novelist.

Fact #6

One of Cohen’s books, Beautiful Losers (1966), was described by one reviewer as "the most revolting book ever written in Canada."

Fact #7

Suzanne, written by Cohen in 1960s and first recorded by Judy Collins in 1966, became one of the most-covered songs in Cohen's catalogue.

Fact #8

In 2003 Cohen was made a Companion to the Order of Canada by Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson.

Fact #9

Hallelujah was first released in 1984 on Leonard Cohen's album, Various Positions. Cohen once told Bob Dylan that it took him two years to write the song.

Fact #10

Cohen was once asked why the song is so popular. "It's got a good chorus," he replied.

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