Top 10 Facts - Margot Robbie
Fact #1

“Maggot” is an affectionate term for Margot Robbie as the nickname that was given to her by family, the star is one of four children. The name grew on her throughout school when her classmates got in on the joke too.

Fact #2

Robbie played Donna Freeman on long-running Australian soap "Neighbours" when she was just 18.

Fact #3

She worked at Subway before making her acting debut and says she’s a pro at building the perfect hoagie — especially BLTs.

Fact #4

She is a proud member of Greenpeace.

Fact #5

To prepare for her sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, she took three shots of tequila – at nine in the morning!

Fact #6

Robbie is a huge hockey fan. Not only is she a model New York Rangers fan, but she also plays for an amateur hockey team in her (fleeting) spare time.

Fact #7

When Robbie moved to America, she left her family behind and broke up with her Australia-based boyfriend.

Fact #8

Robbie auditioned for the role of Susan Storm in 2015's "Fantastic Four" reboot, but it ultimately went to Kate Mara. Probably better for Robbie this way.

Fact #9

Robbie had to learn how to hold her breath for up to five minutes for "Suicide Squad."

Fact #10

Robbie didn't have to audition for the role of Harley Quinn; the role was offered to her.

Fact #11
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