Top 10 Facts - Rachel McAdams
Fact #1

Rachel Anne McAdams was born in London, Ontario (Canada) on November 17, 1978.

Fact #2

She began figure skating at the age of four and competed in the sport all the way through high school, earning regional honors.

Fact #3

She worked at one of McDonalds stores for three summers.

Fact #4

She made her first onscreen perfomance in "The Famous Jett Jackson" (Disney, 1998-2002) as Hannah, The Blumic Older sister of one of the main characters.

Fact #5

Mean girls was shot in Canada, Rachel's birth country, despite the facts the movie was set Evanston, Illinois.

Fact #6

Rachel was born at the same hospital as the notebook co-star (and ex-boyfriend) Ryan Gosling - St.Joseph's hospital in London, Ontario.

Fact #7

Rachel has vowed that she will never pose nude for print or film.

Fact #8

Scored a record for receiving five nominations of MTV Movie award in a single year.

Fact #9

She began dating Michael Sheen in July 2010 who was her co-star in Midnight in Paris.

Fact #10

Rachel currenlty lives in Toronto, Canada, where she shares a home with her brother.

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