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Heather Graham was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her younger sister, Aimee Graham, is also an actress, and writer. Her mother, loan, is a teacher and author of children's books. Her father, James Graham, is a retired FBI agent.

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After appearing in television commercials, her ?rst starring role in a feature ?lm came in 1988 with the teen comedy License to Drive, followed by her breakthrough role in Gus Van Sant's critically acclaimed 1989 ?lm Drugstore Cowboy.

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She played a supporting roles in ?lms such as Shout, Diggstown, Six Degrees of Separation, Swingers and in the television series Twin Peaks and its prequel ?lm Fire Walk with Me.

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She also had a role in the TV series Scrubs in 2004, before playing the title character in the short-lived (one episode) Emily's Reasons Why Not in 2006.

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Widely regarded as a sex symbol, she often appears in magazinesā€˜ lists of "Most Beautiful" and "Sexiest" women.

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She starred as Felicity Shagwell in the 1999 sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which was a box-of?ce hit. Shagwell is one of her best-known roles and became a fan favorite.

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Due to her portrayals of sexual characters and nudity in ?lms she has been described as "completely up for it".

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Graham's popularity signi?cantly increased after she appeared as Brandi, a young porn star, nicknamed Rollergirl, in PaulThomas Anderson's critically acclaimed, award-winning Boogie Nights.

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