Top 10 Facts - 2Pac
Fact #1

Arabic Tupac Amaru means "Shining serpent" and Shakur "Grateful to God."

Fact #2

When Shakur was in prison, he had forgotten many of his songs.

Fact #3

Tupac on the back there is a huge tattoo of a cross with the inscription "Exodus 1a:11". In the Bible, it means that the Lord is greater than all gods.

Fact #4

Tupac was inspired to rap after his friend was killed while playing with a gun. His first song was about the ability to own a gun.

Fact #5

When Tupac moved to California, he was homeless for 2 years.

Fact #6

Thanksgiving Day Death Row feed the South Central Los Angeles. Tupac personally gave $ 400 ooo.

Fact #7

When Tupac came to the House Of Blues, he noticed that no one was dancing with a woman in a wheelchair. And he danced with her for 4 hours.

Fact #8

Tupac wanted to name his first child Star [if it was a girl] and Michelangelo [if it was a boy].

Fact #9

Album All Eyez On Me was the first in the history of rap double album and received platinum.

Fact #10

Tupac was the first artist in history to hit the charts, while in prison.

Fact #11
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