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Nelly Kim Furtado, ComlH (born December 2,1978) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Furtado was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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In 1997, she performed at the Honey lam talent show. Her performance attracted the attention of The Philosopher Kings singer Gerald Eaton, who then approached her to write with him.

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Furtado continued the collaboration with Eaton and West, who co-produced her debut album, Whoa, Nelly!, which was released in October 2000. The album was an international success, supported by three international singles: "l'm like a Bird", "Turn off the Light", and "...0n the Radio (Remember the Days)".

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In 2002, Furtado appeared on the song "Thin Line", on underground hip hop group lurassic 5's album Power in Numbers. The same year, Furtado provided her vocals to the Paul Oakenfold song "The Harder They Come" from the album Bunkka.

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Furtado's second album, Folklore, was released in November 2003. One of the tracks on the album, "Childhood Dreams", was dedicated to her daughter, Nevis. The album includes the single "Forca" (meaning "strength"/ "power" or "you can do it!" in Portuguese), the of?cial anthem of the 2004 European Football Championship.

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Furtado hosted a program about AIDS on MTV, which also featured guests Alicia Keys and lustin Timberlake. On September 27, 2011, Furtado announced during Free the Children's We Day Toronto, that she was giving CDNS1,000,000 to Free the Children's effort to build girlsā€˜ schools in the Maasai region of Kenya.

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In November 2006, Furtado revealed that she once turned down USS500,000 to pose fully clothed in Playboy. On luly 19, 2008, Furtado married sound engineer Demacio Castellon.

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