Top 10 Facts - Lena Headey
Fact #1

Headey was born in Bermuda. She grew up on the island country before her family moved back to Huddersfield, Yorkshire, when she was five.

Fact #2

Peter Dinklage and Headey were friends before "Game of Thrones", promoting the actor to recommende the english actress for the role of Cersei Lannister.

Fact #3

She practices boxing and yoga in her free time in order to stay fit.

Fact #4

Headey dated "The jungle book" co-star Jason Flemyng ("SNATCH") for nine years and has a tattoo of his name in Thai on her arm.

Fact #5

She's an avid twitter user and couldn't care less if she drunk tweets, saying, "They're just these tine words".

Fact #6

The English actress had to learn how to skin a rabbit for her role in terry Gilliam's "The Brothers Grimm" (2005).

Fact #7

Headey's only marriage was to irish hairstylist/musician Peter Loughran in may 2007. The actress and Loughran have since split, but they have a young son together (Wylie,B.2010).

Fact #8

She is friends with actress Piper Perabo, who she starred with in two films in 2005 - "Imagine me & you" and "The Cave".

Fact #9

She used a body double for her "Risque" scene in "Game of Thrones" (Thet one between her and her onscreen brother...).

Fact #10

She has two dogs, named Wizard and Angela Lansbuty (of course).

Fact #11
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