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Simon Pegg's full name is Simon John Pegg. Pegg is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, singer and director.

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Pegg's early appearances in TV series and films include Asylum, six pairs of pants, faith in the future, big train and hippies.

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Between 1998 and 2004 Pegg was regulary featured on BBC radio 4's the 99p challenge.

Fact #4

Simon Pegg played various roles during the tour of Steve Coogan's 1998 live stage show the man who thinks he's it.

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In 2004, Pegg starred in a spin-off of the television show danger! 50 000volts! Called Danger! 50 000 zombies!, in which he played a zombie hunter named Dr.Fell.

Fact #6

Simon Pegg played mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha, the strontium dog, in a series of big finish productions audio playes based on the character from british comic 2000 ad.

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Simon Pegg also narrated the first series of the "Making of" documentary series Doctor Who confidential.

Fact #8

When the film Mission Impossible II was subseqently made, Pegg appeared in it as Benji Dunn, an I.M.F. technician who assists Tom Cruse's character ethan hunt.

Fact #9

In 2006, he played gus in big nothing alongside Daved Schwimmer.

Fact #10

Simon Pegg married his long-time girlfriend Maureen McCann, a music industry publicist, on 23 July 2005 in Glasgow. The couple has one child together, Matilda.

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