Top 10 Facts - Avril Lavigne
Fact #1

In 10 years Avril thought that would be a writer, but seriously began to play in a hockey team with the guys.

Fact #2

Avril believes that the inspiration to write the song came to her thanks tp the Church, as the girl a lot of time devoted to performance in the choir.

Fact #3

12 years Avril won a competition for radio and sang the Canadian city of Ottawa on the same stage with Shana Twain.

Fact #4

Once in school days Avril played "tuth or dare" and she had to run in the winter around the house in his underwear.

Fact #5

Parents guy who once met our Canadian, were against their relationship. They felt too restless girl and wild for their son, which greatly hurt her.

Fact #6

Our star was not a single guitar lesson - she learned everything myself, somewhere in the region of 12 years.

Fact #7

The singer stopped wearing tie after one day saw an article entitled "to tie a tie, how Avril", and she does not like wher her cope.

Fact #8

Avril says that once during a speech she blew up the microphone, and then left a small scar on her nose which she has to conceal cosmetics.

Fact #9

Avril does not use perfume because the singer from her migraine, and deodorants scare her risk of getting cancer.

Fact #10

At Avril is allergic to bees, that is, it carries their bites are very painful.

Fact #11
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