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Till Lindemann (born 4 January 1963) is a German singer, songwriter, musician, actor, pyrotechnician, and poet. He is most commonly known as the lead vocalist and frontman of the German Neue Deutsche Harte band Rammstein.

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He is known as wel for his song lyrics, some of which have caused controversy. Worldwide, his band has sold over 10 million records, and five of their albums have received platinum awards.

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Lindemann has been listed among The 50 Greates Metal Frontmen of All Time by Roadrunner Records. He has appeared in some films in minor roles, and he also has two published book of poetry, one titled "Messer" (2002) and the other "In stillen Nachten" (2013).

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He has presented some of his original poems and scripts to galleries. On his 52nd birthday on 4 January 2015, it was announced that Lindemann would start a new project with Peter Tagtgren name "Lindemann".

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Lindemann appeared as guest drummer on the album Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa by Feeling B for the song "lied von der unruhevillen Jugend" which, despite its German title, is sung in Russian. Years later, this track was performed live at a Rammstein gig in St.Petersburg on 19 November 2001, during the Mutter tour.

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Lindemann typically has a powerful stage presence; his vocal range is that of a bass-baritone, or perhaps even lower. Lindemann has the urge to press his voice with force from below however. He is also well known for his continous tendency to use the alveolar trill, where he stated in an interview that he sing it out of instinct.

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Lindemann has used contemporary literature for intertextual references; a song title, Non, je ne regrette rien was used as a chours for the song Fruhling in Paris, and the song lyrics of Links 2-3-4 are based from the song Einheitsfrontlied by Bertolt Brecht.

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Lindemann's first daughter, Nele, was born in 1985, and it was mentioned in a German interview that he spent seven years as a single father. Lindemann has one grandson through Nele, who is regerred as "Little Fritz". Lindemann has a second daughter with his ex-wife Anja Koseling , named Marie Louise, who was born in 1993.

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In 2014, Lindemann presented two sculptures and his original scripts of poems in his book In Silent Nights in a gallery in Dresden. Lindemann has also written some lyrics in 2014 for German schlager singer-song writer. Roland Kaiser for his album Soul Tracks.

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Lindemann has stated that he "hates noise", and would often go to a village in the north between Schwerin and Wismar. Among Lindemann's favorite bands are Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath and sing Marilyn Manson and chris Isaak.

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