Top 10 Facts - The Rolling Stones
Fact #1

When the band Rolling Stones played a concert on Copacabana Beach in Brazil in February 2006, it has come to listen to 1.5 million fans.

Fact #2

It is also incorrect to assume that Mick Jagger is the author of the famous phrase "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll." In fact, it belongs to another British musicians - Ian Dury.

Fact #3

In the video for the song of The Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby famous actress Angelina Jolie played one of the leading roles in his career.

Fact #4

The name of The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones invented, inspired by the song Muddy Waters Rolling Stone

Fact #5

In a famous brawler Keith Richards has an extensive collection of guitars that he has more than 3,000.

Fact #6

Spring 63rd The Beatles invited "Rolling Stones" at the concert. At the service entrance Brian Jones took over one of the "Beatles".

Fact #7

After the riots during the band's highest rated program in America "Ed Sullivan Show", the famous presenter said that now will not allow them even to the threshold of the studio

Fact #8

The song Sympclthy for the Devil Mick Jagger wrote under the influence of Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita"!

Fact #9

In 1994, when you did not know how the computer looks. Rolling Stones have already tried to broadcast live via the Internet.

Fact #10

Young Mick Jagger said that rather shoot himself than to sing Satisfaction after forty-five. Now their words refuses - he says he does not remember this, I blurted out, probably with a hangover.

Fact #11
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