Top 10 Facts - Vin Diesel
Fact #1

Despite having one of the coolest names in showbiz, it is not his real name. His birth name is Mark Siclair Vincent.

Fact #2

He has a fraternal twin brother named Paul. He also has a younger brother, Tim, and a sister, Samantha.

Fact #3

Diesel is noted for his recognizable deep voice; he has said that his voice broke at around age 15, giving him a mature sounding voice on the telephone.

Fact #4

As a teen he appeated in an instructional breakdancing video called "breaking in the USA".

Fact #5

At the age of 17, he began working as a bouncer at a nightclub in New York called the tunnel, where he got the name Vin Diesel. The name "Vin" is simply a shortened version of "Vincent". He received the nickname "Diesel" from his friends, who said he ran off diesel fuel, referring to his non-stop energy.

Fact #6

Diesel's first film role was a brief uncredited appearance in the film awakenings (1990).

Fact #7

While first pursuing acting he worked in telemarketing, a skill that lated helped him raise nearly $50, 000 to fund his first full lenght feature movie, Strays.

Fact #8

He got his breakthrough role as the anti-hero Riddick in the Science-fiction film Pitch Black (2000).

Fact #9

Diesel attained action hero stardom with two box office hits: The street racing action film the Fast and the Furious (2001) and the action thriller XXX (2002).

Fact #10

While on the set of the Fast and the Furious, he began dating co-star Michelle Rodriguez.

Fact #11
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