Top 10 Facts - Pierce Brosnan
Fact #1

Brosnan was ?rst offered the role of Bond in 1987, when NBC cancelled the popular TV series Remington Steele. However, the series was re-started and he lost the chance to Timothy Dalton.

Fact #2

His ?rst Bond movie was “Golden Eye," in 1995 which became the most successful bond movie after “Moonraker" with $350 million worldwide.

Fact #3

Before ?lming began, he injured his hand at home and hence his 22 year old son Christopher Brosnan was used as his hand double.

Fact #4

Except Brosnan, no other Bond was allowed to act in other movie while in contract for James Bond. However, he was not allowed to wear Taxedo in other movies. But, he appears with a Taxedo in “The Mirror has Two Faces," in 1996, a year after his ?rst Bond movie.

Fact #5

He co-found a production company “lrish Dreamtime," with producer and friend Beau St. Clair in 1996. His production company's ?rst movie proiect was “The Thomas Crown Affair," in 1999 with him in the lead role. It met both box of?ce and critical success.

Fact #6

He took golf lessons for a scene in the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair," in which he is hitting out a sand trap. He is not a golfer by interest. In the movie, he performed his own stunts during a boat crash scene.

Fact #7

Brosnan required 8 stitches to his face during the shoot of “Tomorrow Never Dies." In a particular scene a stuntman’s helmet hit him in the face by mistake. Later, they had to shoot the movie showing only one side of his face.

Fact #8

During an underwater scene in the movie “The World is Not Enough," Bond adiusts his tie. Brosnan came up with the idea and the director liked it.

Fact #9

Brosnan’s face was used as the face of Bond in the video game “Night?re," in 2002, while the voice was provided by Maxwell Caul?eld. In 2004, he was part of another James Bond videogame, “Everything or Nothing," this time lending voice as well as his face. He also lent his voice to a machine in an episode of the animation TV series “The Simpsons," titled “Treehouse of Horror XII."

Fact #10
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