Top 10 Facts - Sandra Bullock
Fact #1

She was born in Washington D.C., on July 26, 1964. Her full name is Sandra Annette Bullock.

Fact #2

In 2008, Bullock was announced as "The face" of prestigious cosmetic brand artistry.

Fact #3

While she was working on two if by sea (1996), discovered she is allergic to horses.

Fact #4

Until the age of eighteen, Bullock held an american/german dual citizenship. In 2009, she reapplied for german citizenship.

Fact #5

Bullock starred alongside Matthew McConaughey in a time to kill, and they begin dating. "I just look at her and think, WOW!" McConaughey tells in style.

Fact #6

She moved to Austin ,Texas to be close to boyfriend Matthew and she opened a Cajun-inspired restaurant.

Fact #7

In 1998, she forms her own production company fortis films, which her younger sister Gesine helps run. She signs a production deal with Warner Bros and makes some successful movies like hope floats, two weeks notice, miss congeniality among others.

Fact #8

In 2010, her perfomance earns Bullock - who wins a Golden Globe and screen actors guild award - her first Oscar.

Fact #9

While starring in murder by numbers, She quietly begins dating co-star Ryan Gosling, who is 16 years younger than Bullock.

Fact #10

She was ranked #12 in People's most beautiful 2011 list.

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