Top 10 Facts - Travis Fimmel
Fact #1

Travis Fimmel(born 15 Juky 1979) is an australian actor and former model.

Fact #2

He's the first male model in the world to secure a six-figure deal with Calvin Klein

Fact #3

He'll quit acting once he earned enough money to have his own farm.

Fact #4

After leaving college, he flew to England just to travel but ened up living there for two years.While in the U.K., he worked in a bar, where he met his agent.

Fact #5

His dream was to be a pro football player.

Fact #6

He had to get hair extensions for his role as Ragnar Lothbrok

Fact #7

He hates doing sex scenes."I hate'em, to be hones," he told Pittsburg post-gazette of filming love scenes."It's very awkward.I'm all for the free kisses but it's very uncomfortable.

Fact #8

Travis Fimmel as sir Anduin Lothar, the lead protagonist for the alliance.Stedfacts and charismatic,Lothar is a knight who has sacrifaced everything to keep the kingdom safe.

Fact #9

Fimmel also played a celebrity cricket match in the 2009 Australia vs England Hollywood ashes.

Fact #10

His mom was a nurse and played one in an assie thriller as one in wich he starred in.

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