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English actor Daniel Wroughton Craig trained at the national youth theatre. Graduated from the Guildhall school of music and drama in 1991.

Fact #2

Craig achieved international fame when chosen as the sixth actor to play the role of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 in the official film series taking over from Pierce Brosnan in 2005.

Fact #3

Craig's third Bond film, Skyfall, premiered in 2012 and is now the highest-grossing film in the series, as well as the highest-grossing film in the UK and the twelfth highest-grossing film of all time.

Fact #4

Craig and actress Rachel Weisz had been friends for many years, and worked together on the movie dream house. The began dating in December 2010 and married on 22 June 2011.

Fact #5

He is an avid fan of Premier League footbal club Liverpool F.C..

Fact #6

As a rugby fan and former player he travelled to Australia in 2013 to watch the british & irish Lions tour.

Fact #7

In April 2015, the United Nations appointed Craig the first global advocate for the Elimination of mines and explosive hazards.

Fact #8

Craig hosted the american late-night live television sketch comedy Saturday Night Live on 6 October 2012.

Fact #9

Cast as the fictional British secret agent James Bond 007 in October 2005, his first film in the role, Casino Royale, was released in cinemas worldwide in November 2006.

Fact #10

Craig's fourth Bond film Spectre, will premiere in 2015.

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