Top 10 Facts - Iggy Pop
Fact #1

Real name is James Jewell Osterberg, Jr. In high school, he was the drummer for a band called The Iguanas, so when he was a member of the band The Prime Movers

Fact #2

His bandmates gave him the name "Iggy." His first stage name was Iggy Stooge, which became the basis for his band, The Stooges.

Fact #3

Pop is famous for bleeding on stage. The first time he cut himself was by accident when he fell on a drink glass. The crowd went nuts, so he made the blood part of his show.

Fact #4

David Bowie produced his albums Raw Power, The Idiot, and Lust For Life. He toured with Bowie in 1976-1977, and helped him write "China Girl" in 1983.

Fact #5

He got the name "Pop" because he once shaved his eyebrows for a show, making him look like a friend with the last name Popp who had recently undergone chemotherapy and was eyebrowless himself.

Fact #6

Iggy Pop appeared in "The Magnificent Ferengi" episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He played the part of Yelgrun, a Voltan overseer from the planet Kurill Prime.

Fact #7

He plays guitar left handed.

Fact #8

In James O'Barr's comic book of "The Crow", Iggy Pop served as the model and inspiration for Eric's torso and more importantly, the comic Funboy's overall look and attitude. Iggy was supposed to star as Funboy in the film, but due to touring/recording conflicts he had to decline the role.

Fact #9

Iggy Pop has a pet cockatoo named Biggy Pop.

Fact #10

Iggy Pop has won several awards and accolades in his career, including a Kerrang! Hall of Fame Award, and a Marshall Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Award. He was induced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Stooges in 2010.

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